The Miz, Braun Strowman, and Ricochet faced off against Samoa Joe, Bobby Lashley, and Cesaro. Gable is tagged back in. “Late in the match, Sheamus backdropped Cesaro into the turnbuckle before locking him in the Cloverleaf. Becky Lynch: Announced pregnancy on May 11, gave birth in December. Following the match, Cesaro was helped to the backstage area by officials and the RAW Superstar looked to be seriously hurt as he was seen limping while on the shoulders of two referees. NewsExpressHindi December 6, 2020 No Comments. Otis knocks Cesaro down as Cesaro gets back up. Cesaro avoided a serious injury on last night’s episode of Raw. King Baron Corbin is out first for his team, accompanied by The Knights of The Lone Wolf - Wesley Blake and Steve Cutler. The victory puts Sheamus up 2-0 in their Best of Seven Series.”, Well… I guess I'm not working out or anything this week…, Your email address will not be published. Share Share Tweet Email Comment. He takes Cesaro down and a German suplex by Gable. Gable tags Otis in. At the end of the match, Cesaro took a splash from Ricochet that landed on his leg. SmackDown results, Dec. 11, 2020: Carmella bottles up her aggression on Sasha Banks in brutal title showdown . On RAW, we saw Ricochet team up with Braun Strowman and The Miz against Cesaro who teamed up with Samoa Joe and Bobby Lashley. While the team had no official name, they were unofficially called the "Masters of the WWE Universe", a reference to the Masters of the Universe franchise, and the "Brass … 0 comments. Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet tweeted that his sources backstage informed him that the former SmackDown Tag Team champion was fine and that he wasn't seriously injured following Ricochet landing on his leg. WWE Live Event Results (9/7/16) – London, England, Update On Randy Orton's Condition After SummerSlam, Cesaro Injured At RAW In "Best Of 7 Series" According To WWE, Cesaro Reacts, Help Wanted: WWE Raw & Smackdown Recappers Needed, (Spoilers) WWE Superstars Taping Results For This Week. WWE TLC 2020 - Daniel Bryan, Big E, Gable, And Otis vs. Cesaro, Nakamura, Zayn, And Corbin Result . Morgan Ketzner Leaves Little To The Imagination … WWE Superstar Cesaro reportedly suffered an injury at this week’s edition of RAW at The Toyota Center in Houston, Texas. The New Day def. You never know when another of them is going to happen either and … The team of Ricochet, Braun Strowman, and The Miz came out victorious. Share. — (@wrestleview) December 12, 2020-Commercial Break-Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Otis and Chad Gable. Recent News: Cesaro returned. After Monday’s show, Cesaro alluded to the fact that he suffered an injury of some kind. TOPICS: cesaro. WWE Raw witnessed a massive six-man tag team match with a potential contender’s spot that ended with Cesaro picking up an injury. You can check out … By Josh Coulson Jun 17, 2019. Doing commentary. Cesaro avoided a serious injury on last night’s episode of Raw. Working as a producer. Otis tags Chad back in, and he takes Cesaro down and uses his mat wrestling skill to roll Cesaro up for 2. November 19, 2020 November 19, 2020 - by Badrose - Leave a Comment A massive star in his own right, Cesaro has proven time and time again that the word … But apparently, it was just some seriously good acting. John Pollock of POST … WWE Superstar Cesaro reportedly suffered an injury at this week’s edition of RAW at The Toyota Center in Houston, Texas. We are LIVE in beautiful Orlando, Florida. Cesaro's botched up dive wasn't the only thing that plagued the pay-per-view. The thought is that WWE wants to take it slow with those coming back from any injury as they cannot afford to lose anyone again. They run down his numerous accolades and trash The Miz for being obnoxious over the past few weeks. He is expected to be out of action for four to six months. Soon after that, reported that Cesaro “suffered multiple contusions to the lumbar spine.” The WWE website wrote the following: “Cesaro suffered multiple contusions to the lumbar spine during his match against Sheamus Monday on Raw, can confirm. [Image via WWE] LATEST HEADLINES. There are several wrestlers banged up and on the shelf, which is going to happen at some point to any given wrestling promotion. But during the last moments of the match, when Ricochet landed the 630 from the top rope, he landed on Cesaro's right knee awkwardly, which left him writhing in pain. Cesaro was NOT injured on Raw after taking a scary looking 630 to the leg by Ricochet, according to Dave Meltzer, who said that it was “nothing serious.” Cesaro was helped to the back by referees after the match and couldn’t put any weight on his right leg, but he may have just been selling. RELATED: 10 … Tyson Kidd and Cesaro were a professional wrestling tag team in WWE.They are former WWE Tag Team Champions.They formed a tag team in December 2014, and were accompanied to the ring by Natalya, Kidd's real-life wife. In case you didn't know... Cesaro, … Just seen this, hope Cesaro is ok #RAW 2015 and early 2016 has not been good for WWE when it comes to injuries. posted the following regarding Cesaro being “injured” by Sheamus during their match on RAW: Cesaro suffered multiple contusions to the lumbar spine during his match against Shea… After SmackDown Women’s Champion Sasha Banks lost her temper and got herself disqualified in an impromptu SmackDown Women’s Championship Match, Carmella unleashed a vicious post-match assault on The Boss. He tags Otis back in, and the big man tosses Cesaro around once more. We hope Cesaro is not seriously injured and wish him the best in his recovery. WWE is not doing very well at the moment when it comes to injuries. According to Ryan Satin of, Cesaro is going to be okay and isn’t seriously injured. By Akshay Thimmaya Nov 18, 2020. “Well, I guess I’m not working out or anything this week,” said Cesaro on social media after the show. On tonight’s edition of RAW we saw a six man tag team match take place. Chad Gable starts off against Cesaro, and the Swiss Cyborg immediately uses his power advantage to shove Chad away. E rushes Sami before Sami gets out and Corbin comes in … This feud between Ricochet and Cesaro has been fantastic as it has given some great matches over the last few weeks. Jason Jordan: Recovering from neck surgery, out since January 2018. The Swiss Cyborg has been feuding with Ricochet on RAW and the two have put on some fantastic matches on RAW. Welcome to 411’s WWE Clash of Champions 2020 Report. WWE. Cesaro is the latest WWE Superstar to fall victim to the company's injury epidemic, as he'll undergo surgery to repair his injured shoulder that will keep him out for the foreseeable future. Share; Tweet; RAW this week featured a 6 … This week's WWE Raw saw an exciting 6-man tag team match where the team of The Miz, Ricochet and Braun Strowman faced off against Cesaro, Bobby Lashley and Samoa Joe. October 20, 2020 | Rumor Roundup: The Plan For The Undertaker’s Return, AJ Styles’ New Bodyguard, More; October 19, 2020 | WWE RAW Results 10/19/2020 – Things That We Learned; October 19, 2020 | Three New Matches Announced For RAW Tonight (Oct 19th) Search for: Cesaro Injury Update After RAW 06/10/2019. Update On Cesaro’s Injury Status After Monday Night Raw. Whether it happens as a result of a mistake, or just general wear-and-tear, injuries are unavoidable in the squared circle. It looked like Cesaro suffered a pretty nasty injury on Raw last week. Quick catch up with Sheamus & Cesaro at WrestleMania media morning in Orlando. Tweet. Left out of WWE draft pool. The bell rings and we are under way. Share. Ricochet, Strowman and Miz won the match after a Skull Crushing Finale by Miz and a 630 by Ricochet, sealed the win. Wrestling; Jeremy Lambert; DEC 20, 2020; 6:58PM EDT; Share this Article through Social Media: Eight-Man Tag Team Match. Cesaro took a nasty bump on last night's WWE Raw, with 'The Swiss Cyborg' seemingly not ready as Ricochet flew from the top rope with his 630 splash. Cesaro and Gable are in the ring. Share Share Tweet Email Comment. Cesaro is out next, followed … Mittie B Brack, December 12, 2020. He replaced Sami Zayn as a surprise entrant in the main event, a Fatal 4-Way match between himself, Kevin Owens, AJ Styles and Chris Jericho to determine the No. Share. Cesaro lost part of his two front teeth and needed three stitches to close a wound after the match. BY Thomas Hall – ON June 11, 2019 IN News, WWE. Cesaro then stated his thoughts on teaming with Kidd. Cesaro is arguably the best wrestler on the planet, but for whatever reason, he has routinely been shoved into the role of glorified enhancement talent or … As noted, Cesaro suffered a shoulder injury that resulted in him undergoing surgery this past Monday to repair the fully torn left rotator cuff. Zayn last appeared on WWE television on the first night of … Dodging a bullet. Even the safest in-ring workers have to make their peace with the fact that they will end up getting injured at some point over the course of their careers. According to Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio, backstage sources indicated that while Cesaro may have been hurt initially, he avoided serious injury on a spot at the end of a Six-Man Tag Team Match.
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