Assuming they're also wood, a few 3" #10 screws into either side would probably do the trick. I have the same horrible black hole above my fireplace and long to do what you have done; however, we have no other place for a tv, because of the dimensions of the living room. on Mar 30, 2017. Second, dark-toned wooden mantel brings warmth and texture to a fireplace especially wherein a technology equipment is present. Etsy Very nice solution! Another trendy way to have a TV above your fireplace is by recessing it back into an alcove. Make a shelf on supports to fit around the fireplace. Call 703-646-2602 or 757-544-1289 to setup your flat screen installation. Your email address will not be published. Where did you get it, I must find something similar! hated it. In the next house, I will refuse to put the tv over the fireplace. Your mantle looks great! And I would never want a tv WAY up over a mantel. Is this an interior wall so you could open the other side? Cover the bottom of the opening to the edge of the box with another piece of drywall. Mounting a TV Over Your Fireplace; Mounting a TV Over Your Fireplace. How have you survived? Love! The problem is that, when the fireplace operates, the wall is heated. Vaulted ceilings . Well this the only area we can place our new 50 in plasma tv. Glad you found a good fix for it. I guess the folks who built my house was going to put a tv there as it has a cable outlet and plug in there. But the finished look is all worth it. Hi ajrmcr, If your still interested I attached a mirror that I think would look great above the fireplace. The newer, open, models we are liking have ‘the big hole’ over the fireplace. 4.7 out of 5 stars 1,148. Pretty. You'll need to attach this securely to the rest of the walls. Can I make a mantle for a beehive fireplace. 11. Only mount a TV above a fireplace if temperatures in that spot do not surpass 100 degrees Fahrenheit. I need some ideas of how to box this in and build a . What a great idea to hide that niche…. Absolutely love the winter variation! Cut the openings for the outlets above the fireplace, and use a flexible drill bit to drill through the studs above the fireplace. Arrangement of fireplace and TV may be challenging though so we put up a list for you on how to do it. Well this the only area we can place our new 50 in plasma tv. I don't want shelves b/c it's very deep and it will be a pain to clean. The first thing to check is your TV’s manufacturer warranty. You either would have to decorate in front of the TV or only on the sides. Make a shelf on supports to fit around the fireplace. Such big screens will just look awkward above the mantel. However, TV above fireplace means that the all mess is just thrown at the back of the wall, and casing it up with the wall plate. Above the fireplace. I love what you did with that fireplace through all the seasons. The best height to put a TV at is eye level when sitting. And so versatile – love it! While at one time mounting a TV over a wood burning fireplace may have seemed like a bad idea, modern technology and new mounting hardware have made it possible to safely mount a television wherever you please. A TV!?? Bring your outlet, cable, etc into the new wall. Oh my… Your email address will not be published. Consider proper ventilation, integrated electrical and comfortable mounting heights from HGTV Remodels before installing a flat-panel TV over your fireplace. It's also worth pointing out that hanging a fireplace above a TV isn't a great idea: the TV can be harmed by the heat; it's hard on your neck; and the image quality can suffer because of off-axis viewing. I actually had it drywalled over. Carolina Custom Mounts has several solutions that will make you forget that hole was ever there. Having a mantel between your television and mantel has many advantages. Mounting a TV over a fireplace seems to be a practical, simple and space-saving idea that is quite a challenge indeed. Call 703-646-2602 or 757-544-1289 to setup your flat screen installation. It looks like a wood burning fireplace so fill the bottom with wood and definitely paint it out. I have a lot on my mind and I reread what I said and I sounded bitchy!! It was a bit of a splurge but I loved its bamboo detailing. I love ANYTHING oriental so I was over the moon to find bamboo moulding!!!! The fireplace? Same dilema: you can’t decorate the mantel, as I also like to do, and now, I can’t even find a canvas big enough to hide the doors!!! Because I like to evolve my decor with the seasons, I have changed the center cabinet door from blue to green, and I’ve also used a mirror in place of the center shutter to warm it up for fall and winter. I would pull out the tv and finish the inside, move the doors up to the shelf where the tv sits now and have a shelf above that. How do I remove without damaging the mantle? Come shop with us! Generally, while you can mount a TV over a fireplace, you should try to place the TV in another location, if at all possible, due to viewing and safety limitations. You could make the whole thing in sections that you can take apart to store the rest of the year. I like what you did with it instead. I am still trying to wrap my brain around what were they thinking with that big hole above the fireplace. This minimizes dry-wall damage, but how difficult is this with insulation in the wall, how can I feed the conduit through those holes, and how would I … All you really need to do is build a stud wall inside of the opening and attach drywall. Looking for Corner mantle/shelf ideas for above my pellet stove... What to do on the wall behind gas fireplace? But I love what you have done! So what did I do to cover up that black hole? So decided to create a facade. Love it,Kathysue. That is the beauty of this set up, nothing is permanent so I can be flexible in what I do. West Elm When you need to maximize your small living room and pack in as many functions as possible, you may want to mount the TV over the fireplace. Amazon people who have added "doors" to the hole and kept a tv in it but closed the doors when not in use My sister bought a flat screen to go in the hole, and bought it so that there really isn't room on either side. Our fireplace mantel is probably close to five feet tall, putting our TV up at six feet and the mantel itself is not deep enough to have a TV and decor. If your fireplace is on an interior wall, you may be able to go up the wall, however, that doesn't work on exterior walls. Art. I am also a huge fan of the mirror.